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About Nordic Dressage

The idea behind Nordic Dressage

Nordic Dressage is a group of extremely experienced Equestrian professionals that has joined forces to create a” boutique” dressage business.

The idea is to create a new company purely focusing on developing dressage horses that had been developed independently by the partners for many years and it all came together during the competition Wilhelmsborg in Denmark in June 2019.

Dressage at the highest level is not only a hobby – it is a profession that can be a very profitable business, BUT in order to do so it requires experience, knowledge, passion for the sport and in the end the horses. It is said that no rider is better than her or his horse.

Nordic Dressage has a very skilled and experienced team of riders to develop the horses. The team members have a track record of developing several horses to the top level over the years.

The experience base includes two Olympic games, Athens 2004 and London 2012 as well as several world cups, European cups, Nordic Championships and national championships in Sweden and Denmark.

The top riders are actively competing and will remain doing so on Grand Prix level. Nordic Dressage provides the riders the possibility to focus on their job in the saddle, which at the end delivers the results.

By combining the experience and skillset of the Nordic Dressage team, we believe that we have created a winning formula for to become a top Dressage stable delivering serious returns on both the invested capital and the competition grounds.