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Development and Partnership

Our concept

Horses in development base case

Nordic Dressage offer top level dressage horses for the global markets; the horses are brought into training at a relatively young age and developed by the skilled riders of Nordic Dressage. When the horses reach a certain level of maturity, they are offered for sale through the global sales network of Nordic Dressage.

Horses in training joint ownership program

Certain owners are from time to time interested in developing horses further. Nordic Dressage offers a joint ownership program for these owners. Nordic Dressage becomes a part owner in the horse and manages the development and sales process of the horses.
Trading of horses, Nordic Dressage Trading AB Nordic training AB is the trading arm of Nordic Dressage, Nordic Dressage trading AB is specialised in buying and selling dressage horses. The horses for sale are regularly listed on the company’s website.